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We are HM Revenue & Customs NES registered Traders and offer services as agents for exporters to enter export details into the HM Customs CHIEF (Customs Handling Import Export Freight) computer system. We are also the only NES registered Loader Agents for Portland Port and can issue Customs Arrival and Departure messages for proof of export, again via CHIEF.

We act on behalf of several major clients including MacAndrews and Swire Shipping Agencies and have broad experience in standard exports, re-export of IPR goods, export of CAP goods for refund and export of un-accompanied personal effects.

In conjunction with our ships agency department we can arrange export of goods to several destinations, particularly St Helena and Ascension Islands, Capetown and Tenerife, with other destinations available through associated companies.

Benefits of our service

  • Experienced agents with broad range of expertise - no need for your staff to struggle with unfamiliar forms and systems

  • Rapid response via email reducing communications costs

  • Access to HM Customs CHIEF system without additional costs - no need for you to purchase HM Customs Tariff or access software

  • Possible reduction in shipping costs by avoiding high shipping line customs charges

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